ANBF Drug Policy

ANBF Drug Policy:

ANBF Drug PolicyThe American Natural Bodybuilding Federation (The ANBF) is a 100% drug tested organization. The ANBF Drug Policy will be enforced via polygraph and backed up by random urinalysis. The ANBF will be using the most up-to-date WADA Prohibited List that is available at the time. We are excited to announce the implementation of off season urinalysis drug testing. All pros that have competed in an ANBF show and all amateurs who have achieved pro status through the ANBF will be subjected to the off season testing. It is the ANBF’s goal to create an environment for the competitors that they can feel assured that the person standing next to them onstage is 100% drug free!


Click here for the WADA Prohibited List 2017

The ANBF will allow competitors who are being treated for hormone deficiencies for medical reasons. Hormone Replacement Therapy competitors must submit, before they are allowed to compete: Physicians reason for putting patient on “HRT”, prescription plan, goals of program, and latest blood test results. The competitor must pass a polygraph which will have specific questions related to the HRT that they are on. No competitor, who is using HRT, can be doing so for the purpose of improving their placement in a show, or for any other reason but for a medical condition.


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  1. Hi I purchased MHP andarox dat burner with their Natural MHP diuretic. the anadrox had 7-keto DEA. I read this post and immediately stopped taking it(only took it for 3 days) I have an ANBF show on June 24th. Will this disqualify me in any way? and is the MHP diuretic ok to take? Please let me know thank you!

    • Hi, I just found the lab that WADA (World Anti-Doping Association) uses here in California! It’s for $125 they send you a urine test kit with a turn around time of 7 days. I just ordered my test kit yesterday. They offer the same test that all the Associations and Federations use. I want to compete in Las Vegas for the International USPL in November and want to make sure now that I’m okay. Good Luck at your competition!

  2. I just wanted to clarify as to whether or not Beverly International’s 7-Keto (DHEA) is allowed in your federation. Please let me know when you have a moment. Thank you!

  3. Hi, I am a 65 y/o woman who had a complete hysterectomy 15 yrs ago and have taken Bio-Identical Hormones (HRT) ever since as the organs that produce most hormones were removed. The pharmacy tells me that the estrogens and even the testosterone I take is made from yams so I don’t know if they are illegal. I started Powerlifting last year and currently DL 230 lbs, Bench 120 lbs. Squat 180 lbs. and would like to compete but no one can give me a straight answer if I would be allowed to taking the hormones that I do. Powerlifting instead of just working out has changed my life and would like to see how good I really am compared to other women my age and weight (148 lbs.) I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and would love to know who to contact around here to start competing if I am allowed. Thank you in advance!

    • As far as the ANBF policies are concerned, you can compete as long as you are able to provide a letter from your physician and as long as you disclose this information during the polygraph test.

  4. Hi, I’m 55 years old and as part of my bucket list would like to compete at the upcoming September 16, 2017 event in NJ. I want to compete for now in the least competitive category…so that would be the Masters debut or novice class?


  5. I have recently been seeing new pre-workouts with two similar ingredients named Eria Jarensis Extract and n-phenethyl dimethylamine citrate. These ingredients are being compared to DMAA but they are obviously not the same. Are either of these ingredients part of the banned substance list?

  6. I have taken some supplements before, but i am not sure if any of the ingredients are banned. i have changed supps so many times over the last 7 years that i cant even be sure what ive taken. I know for a fact i have never taken steroids, or test. Is there any way or anywhere that i can get tested before i waste my time and the time of the folks at the ANBF. i really want to compete in amature physique.

    • Unfortunately, there is no test that the ANBF can provide to let you know if you are eligible for competing. We encourage you to begin reviewing what supplements you have taken and compare them to our banned substances list which is derived from the WADA Prohibited Substances list. Should you decide to get a blood and hair follicle test before competing, that would be of your own expense and with the guidance of your local physician. Chances are that if you took an over the counter supplement that is not a pro-hormone, you will not have any taken any banned substances. It is still your responsibility to investigate the labels of your supplements before competing in a drug tested sport and we encourage you to do that moving forward. We wish you the best of luck and hope to see you on our stage soon!

      • Ive taken walmart variety test boosters, but nothing of the steroid variety. So hopefully i will be seeing you. I understand drug testing,pruo is out of my pocket. Just want to be sure

  7. Are some diuretics permissible? I’ve looked up MHP Xpel specifically, and have seen great reviews as far as natural athletes are concerned.

  8. What is the policy on supplements like Tribulus and Maca? I can’t find anything on the WADA list about them, but I want to be sure just in case. Thanks!

    • While Tribulus and Maca are not banned specifically, Testosterone/Estrogen ratios in excess of 6/1 are ruled as positive, no matter what the cause unless medical documentation from a doctor is submitted prior to the polygraph testing.

  9. I take Broncaid legitimately for asthma, which has ephedrine. I see it’s tested in urine to a certain amount. Is there a way to know if I’m within those standards before going through the testing? Thanks.

    • Pseudoephedrine is an ingredient in many cold and flu medications. WADA advises athletes to discontinue taking pseudoephedrine AT LEAST 24 HOURS prior to the time defined as “in-competition” when taking a dose of 240mg or less per day. Be advised, in some cases this may not be enough time for the medication to clear the body, such as a slow-metabolizer or because of drug interactions. USADA recommends avoiding pseudoephedrine-containing cold and flu products for several days in advance of competition.

      Basically, you have to be clear at the time of a urine test. You should discontinue taking nasal decongestants at least 48 hours before an event to be safe. It is the athlete’s responsibility to be clear by the time of a urine test.

  10. i have never done a show before and I’m planning to do the upcoming show in boca sep 24, 2016. all i would need to do is enter into the amateur division correct?

  11. So this could be an obvious question, but if you test positive for marijuana you will be disqualified from the competition?

    • Hello Odean…
      Marijuana is prohibited ‘in-competition’ which means that competitor must be free of marijuana during the urine test at the show if drug tested. CANNABINOIDS are not banned in in the prohibited ‘at all times’ list.

  12. Hello, I was reading your drug policy and I took pro hormones 3 years ago that insight from a supplement shop, will this disqualify me to join?