ANBF Drug Policy


ANBF Drug Policy:

ANBF Drug Policy
ANBF Drug Policy
The ANBF aims to create an environment for natural bodybuilding athletes where they can be assured the competitor standing next to them on stage is indeed 100% drug free. As such, the ANBF is a drug tested organization and all ANBF members are required to read and agree to the ANBF Drug Policy in order to complete their membership purchase. The ANBF adheres to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited Substance List as its drug free standard The ANBF enforces this standard through urinalysis testing of winners as well as randomly selected competitors in a specific event. Winners at events offering a pro card must submit to urinalysis and pass drug screening in order to be awarded pro status. Additionally, the ANBF executes an “off season” urinalysis drug testing program. The ANBF may grant Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE) for certain substances necessary for the treatment of illness or medical conditions, including hormone deficiencies. The ANBF drug policy applies to all ANBF competitors, coaches and other parties responsible for supporting/preparing athletes to compete on the ANBF stage. Violations of this policy will result in a period of ineligibility for ANBF events as defined in the ANBF Drug Policy.  Additionally, if the ANBF is notified of a competitors failure in another drug tested organization, the ANBF will match that organization’s sanctions starting from the date of notification.
The full text of the ANBF Drug Policy is available here at this link. 
The ANBF Therapeutic Use Exemption Forms can be found here at this link. 


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