In an effort to condense the prejudging and night shows into one, as well as, make the show more entertaining and flowing, the ANBF show format will be a straight thru, live judged format.  All promoters are to follow the new format to create uniformity throughout the ANBF.  By combining all aspects of the show into one, we will be able to educate the audience by having them see the actual judging mandatories and comparisons and continue with entertaining the crowds with first class routines which will follow the class lineups.  Another twist will be the implementation of scoring of the routines.  The competitors will be challenged to perform better routines as it may be the difference between 1st and 2nd, or 5th and 6th, etc…

The ANBF is excited to be the first in the industry to be using the straight through format organization wide and we are convinced that the new format will streamline the shows and make the experience of the competitors and the audience a lot more enjoyable and rewarding.

The following will be the format that will be used at all ANBF shows this season.



 Each class will be introduced individually one by one.  The competitor will proceed to center stage and be given 15 seconds of free posing.  They can do any poses of choice.  While they are doing this, the MC will introduce them by name and where they are from.  After the 15 seconds, the competitor is to line up on a diagonal line which will be placed in the back corner of each side of the stage.  As each competitor is finished with their 15 second free posing they will line up on the same line with the others in number order.  Once that line is full the stage expediter will direct them to the other line in the other back corner.


 After all the competitors have completed their 15 second free pose, the head judge will direct them (in number order) to step up to the line at center stage for the mandatories and comparisons.  If necessary, the head judge may use the lines in the corner back stage to separate the lineup for comparisons.  The head judge will direct the competitors through the mandatory poses and request feedback from the other judges as to who they want to see compared against each other.  Also, the head judge may want to move people around to have them stand in different lighting as unfortunately, the lighting is not 100% even in all venues.  Once the head judge is satisfied that all judges are happy with their place selections, the class will file off stage.



 Once the class files off, the first person in the class will go out and perform their posing routine/stage walk.  They will be using music of their choice for their routine/stage walk.  The MC will reintroduce and give a more detailed introduction of the competitor with gym they workout, who they want to thank, etc…Competitors who are doing a routine will go to center stage to begin.  If a competitor is doing a stage walk they will proceed to the center stage X, display 2 poses (of their choice).  Then they will proceed to the X on the same side of stage they entered from and display 2 poses (of their choice), and they will then proceed to the last X on the opposite side of the stage where they will again display 2 poses (of their choice).  Next, they are to walk to the center stage X for a final pose and wave (curtsy).  This will continue until all members of the class have gone.  If a competitor has already performed a routine/stage walk in another class they do not have to do another one unless the class was not in the same division, as in bikini to figure, physique to bodybuilding, etc…In this case, they will perform their routine for that class as well.  As mentioned previously, the routine/stage walk will be scored.  The scoring system being used is as follows: -1(no effort, bad choice of poses to display physique), 0(good overall display of physique utilizing proper choices of poses to show strengths, nice effort), +1(excellent display of physique, good choice of poses), +2(exceptional display of physique with exceptional choice of poses to highlight strengths).  These scores will be totaled and an average will be determined.  This average will be deducted from the competitor’s score to determine their final score.

When everyone is done, the next class will be introduced for their 15 second free pose introduction.



Each class will come on stage and stand on the 2 diagonal lines in the back corner of each side of the stage.  It is up to the individual promoters as to award trophies to all competitors or just the top 5.  In the case of just top 5, the MC will announce the names, in no particular order, to come out on stage.  When their name is called they will step up to the center stage line at the placement they were called out for and be presented their award.  When the awards are all given to the class they will file off stage.  They are finished unless they are involved in an overall of which they will need to stay close by for that.  In divisions that have a top showdown the amount of competitors from each class will be determined the day of the show.

As you can see, the ANBF will have a very different and exciting format that will keep the competitors excited and motivated throughout the show and it will also keep the audience into the flow of the show and on the edge of their seats until the final award is presented.  The inaugural year of the ANBF (2013) will be filled with history making, record breaking, and industry setting moments, so we are all very excited and very much looking forward to moving ahead and making the ANBF the ultimate natural bodybuilding experience for the competitors and audience members.